What you need to know before coming to your first class:

Please bring a mat with you – you can get these relatively cheaply from your local supermarket.  You can upgrade when you love the class.

The class is carried out in bare feet, or just socks – so be prepared, no holes please!! haha. You may need a drink throughout the class, water is preferable.

It would be beneficial to bring  a towel with you, so we can use it rolled up to adjust your alignment when lying down, I have found if you have big boobs and struggle to put you forehead on the floor, then the towel can be used to make it more comfortable for you, also  if you are slightly rounded through your shoulders, then putting the towel underneath your head whilst lying on your back can make it more comfortable.

Any Pregnant ladies coming to class, please please let me know beforehand, I need to know the number of weeks pregnant you are, whether you were active before your pregnancy, whether you have any complications at present, and if this not your first pregnancy – did you have any complications in your previous pregnancies.

Also Pregnant ladies, please bring a pillow (not a cushion) with you, so we can use it to prop you up, and support your tummy in certain positions.

Pop over to http://www.pilatesgloucester.com/tsandcs For Frequently Asked Questions

I think that covers it, if you have any questions please email me on withnikki@icloud.com I will get back to you as soon as I can. (I don’t work weekends)


I have enjoyed Nikki classes for many years. Her professional style of teaching reaches all abilities, with humour added in to break the pain barrier of the more challenging bits! Nikki knows her class members well and how much she can push each individual but accepts your limitations on the days you just can’t. I would not hesitate to recommend Nikki to friends, family and random strangers alike. Kath