(updated December 2017)

What shall I wear?

Anything comfortable, that you can move freely in – Jeans are NOT appropriate as they can restrict movement, and can be uncomfortable to lie on.  Also wear a layer or two, one that can be removed and replaced as required – you will be surprised how warm you will get in Pilates

Is Pilates suitable for Beginners?

Yes it is – Please speak to Nikki regarding your Pilates/Exercise experience before attending the class.

Do I need to bring anything?

Please bring an exercise mat with you, this is for health & hygiene reasons.  Also bring some water.  A towel that can be rolled up and used as additional support is a good idea too, especially when attending for the first few times, whilst Nikki analyses your posture and alignment What is Pilates Anytime?

From 2018 Pilates Anytime withNIKKi is Launched – Which means you can attend as many classes per week as you prefer.  You pay for 4 classes per month but can attend more.

You permanently book your ‘Favourite’ class and don’t need to rebook weekly I will do that for you.  Please let me know if you cant make it as soon as you are aware you won’t be coming, someone might be on the waiting list for that class.

How do I pay for classes?

Classes can be paid with cash, or via bank transfer for your first month then Standing Order payment on the 1st of the month (or remaining weeks of your first month) will need to be arranged for your Second month onwards.  No contract, No Minimum Subscription and you are in control.

Monthly Payment scheme?

Pilates classes are to be paid monthly in advance, via Standing Order, on the 1st of the Month.

What if I’m ill?

If you are unfortunately unable to attend class for a number of weeks due to illness/injury please speak with Nikki privately.  One missed class due to illness or injury can be made up within the Pilates Anytime Scheme.

What happens with Booking in advance?

So once you have paid for your month Nikki will book you in for the remaining weeks of that month, for your preferred/favourite class. Your place will be reserved.  Any additional classes please book in with Nikki to ensure availability under the Pilates Anytime Scheme.

Do I need to let Nikki know if I can’t make the class?

Yes Please, I can then offer the place out to others in the Pilates Anytime Scheme.

Can I swap my preferred class?

Yes you can as long as there is availability.

I think I have covered most of the questions surrounding Pilates Classes, if you have any further questions please email me on withnikki@icloud.com



Nikki is a fab instructor and makes everyone feel at ease. I started Pilates with Nikki following a prolapsed disc and sacroiliac weaknesses. I can do moves that I couldn’t to start with and each session strengthens my core and sacroiliacs. I know when I’ve been and I certainly know when I haven’t been. I can’t recommend Nikki enough x