I’m Nikki, a 40 something mum of two.  Doing a job that I love, I am very lucky indeed.  I get to help people improve their lives through Pilates, I am in a very privileged position to say that I have helped many people do just that.

I have been teaching Group Exercise since 1998, varying formats – Step, Aqua, Toning, Body Attack and Body Pump to name a few – following injury and the ageing process 😉 I have settled into my Pilates Business which was Established in 2012, and I am set to stay.

I like going on holiday in Cornwall, and mini-breaks are my favourite.  The Sea has a special power for me, I feel free and so relaxed just looking out at the waves and the horizon, which definitely puts things into perspective and makes me realise that I’m actually doing ok.

If you are looking on my website and unsure whether pilates is for you then please get in touch on withnikki@icloud.com and I can answer any questions you may have.



3 years ago a Physio advised me that the best thing I could do for my bad back was to start doing Pilates.  18  months passed and my back was gradually getting worse and a friend mentioned that she was going to Pilates and I decided to give it a try.

Initially I hated going as I considered it exercise and would look for any excuse not to go.  It took me around 6 months to actually realise that if I didn’t go for a week then my back would suffer.  I slowly began to realise that for the first time in many years that due to Pilates, I was having pain free days.

After doing a regular class, I decided to sign up for one of Nikki’s ‘Bad Back Classes’.  Nikki worked with me to focus on the areas that were causing me problems on a week by week basis.  This enabled me to continue practising the exercises at home, particularly if I felt that it was needed.

Nikki motivates and encourages, whilst her classes remain relaxed. You are encouraged to go at your own pace and your own level and I would certainly recommend one of her classes to anyone starting out!  Em R x


Pilates is for men too…. of any age, flexibility and ability. This is my Dad aged 65 (sorry Dad) a year ago he would never have been able to do this, but with consistent attendance at class now he can.  Nice one Pops. (This is not a Beginners Class)xx